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Publié le mercredi 15 janvier 2020


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Extended capabilities of the Advanced Reports plugin
Décembre 2019, par t.wasko
The Advanced Reports plugin now allows detailed material reporting. In addition to the standard export of object materials, there are 2 additional modes of their presentation : Materials by layers Materials by name Get to know Advanced Reports (...)
New plugin : IFC Merge
Décembre 2019, par t.wasko
We are pleased to announce the edition of the new IFC Merge plugin. This extremely practical tool allows exporting model elements loaded from several files into one common IFC file (merging files). It is possible to export active elements, (...)
With BIM Vision, the sale festival lasts all week !
Novembre 2019, par t.wasko
From November 29 to December 8 as part of the BLACK WEEK offer 30% mega discount on all our BIM Vision plugins and subscriptions. We invite regular and future customers to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity !
Language versions of the plugin instructions
Octobre 2019, par t.wasko
We are pleased to inform you that from now on user manuals of all plugins are also available in German (incl. Gallery, IFC Preview, Objects Info & STL Exporter) and French (incl. Gallery, IFC Preview, Objects Info, STL Exporter, (...)
BIM Vision 2.22 available for download !
Octobre 2019, par l.lannik
In the new version of BIM Vision, we focused on measurement. We have added new measurement modes : the distance of the point from the edge and the point from the plane ; diameter / distance between a pair of the most
New plugin : COBie Exporter
Octobre 2019, par l.lannik
New plugin COBie Exporter Dear BIM Vision Users ! We have just launched the new COBie Exporter plugin. This tool allows you to export reports from files with the IFC, IFCZIP and BVF extension to an Excel spreadsheet in
Août 2019, par t.wasko
Please, download BIM Vision 2.21.1 manually to bring back automatic update feature.
New options of Advanced Reports in version 1.6
Août 2019, par l.lannik
We present to you a new version of the Advanced Reports plugin. Its new possibilities are : classifications and volume export, project animation, export of views ; How it’s working ? Find out more about Advanced Reports 1.6 HERE
Clash Detection bundles with an additional 20% discount until the end of the holidays !
Août 2019, par l.lannik
Crazy prices at the end of the holidays ! Only until August 31, 2019 an additional 20% discount on Clash Detection bundles. We invite you to take advantage of this unusual opportunity. More details on the BIM Vision store website
A new version of BIM Vision 2.21 is launched !
Août 2019, par l.lannik
A new version of BIM Vision 2.21 is launched ! We invite all users and fans of our software to install the update. The new version will not only provide better support for .NET plugins (dependencies and updates). Its new